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DateTitle Authors
2011 La responsabilidad social de las empresas y la cultura de la certificaciónBoza Chirino, José
2008 The exponential age distribution and the Pareto firm size distributionCoad, Alex
2007 Disentangling the firm growth process: evidence from a recursive panel VARCoad, Alexander
2008 Against all odds?: national sentiment and wagering on European footballBraun, Sebastian / Kvasnicka, Michael
2007 Firm growth and productivity growth: evidence from a panel VARCoad, Alex / Broekel, Tom
2007 Firm growth and scaling of growth rate variance in multiplant firmsCoad, Alex
2008 Growth processes of Italian manufacturing firmsCoad, Alex / Rao, Rekha / Tamagni, Federico
2008 Against All Odds? – National Sentiment and Wagering on European FootballBraun, Sebastian / Kvasnicka, Michael
2010 Like milk or wine: Does firm performance improve with age?Coad, Alex / Segarra, Agusti / Teruel, Mercedes
2011 Age, diversification and survival in the German machine tool industry, 1953-2002Coad, Alex / Guenther, Christina

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