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2011 What economists know about open source software its basic principles and research resultsvon Engelhardt, Sebastian
2008 Intellectual property rights and ex-post transaction costs: the case of open and closed source softwarevon Engelhardt, Sebastian
2010 On the geographic allocation of open source software activitiesvon Engelhardt, Sebastian / Freytag, Andreas / Schulz, Christoph
2010 Quality competition or quality cooperation? License-type and the strategic nature of open source vs. closed source business modelsvon Engelhardt, Sebastian
2008 Does open innovation foster productivity? Evidence from Open Source Software (OSS) firmsHarison, Elad / Koski, Heli
2013 Open science: One term, five schools of thoughtFecher, Benedikt / Friesike, Sascha
2010 Institutions, culture, and open sourcevon Engelhardt, Sebastian / Freytag, Andreas
2009 Geographic allocation of OSS contributions: the role of institutions and culturevon Engelhardt, Sebastian / Freytag, Andreas
2013 Who is afraid of pirates? An experiment on the deterrence of innovation by imitationEngel, Christoph / Kleine, Marco