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2007 Too much R&D?: vertical differentiation in a model of monopolistic competitionKranich, Jan
2008 The relationship between knowledge intensity and market concentration in European industries: An inverted U-shapeKrap, Niels / Stephan, Johannes
2011 Evaluating microfoundations for aggregate price rigidities: Evidence from matched firm-level data on product prices and unit labor costCarlsson, Mikael / Skans, Oskar Nordström
2013 Key sectors of the Namibian economyHumavindu, Michael N. / Stage, Jesper
2006 Demand and technology contribution to structural change and tertiarisation: An input-output structural decomposition analysisSavona, Maria / Lorentz, André
2012 The role of technology, organisation, and demand in growth and income distributionCiarli, Tommaso / Lorentz, André / Savona, Maria / Valente, Marco
2006 Product market deregulation and the US employment miracleEbell, Monique / Haefke, Christian
2009 Horizontal mergers, involuntary unemployment, and welfareBudzinski, Oliver / Budzinski, Jürgen-Peter
2011 The impact of mining and services industries on the structural change of AustraliaGurrib, Ikhlaas
2010 Market reforms and efficiency gains in ChileBergoeing, Raphael / Hernando, Andrés / Repetto, Andrea

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