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DateTitle Authors
2007 Is the elephant stepping on its trunk? The problem of India´s unbalanced growthDouhan, Robin / Nordberg, Anders
2013 Union Bargaining and Intra-Industry Productivity Differentials: Theory and Evidence from GermanyBrändle, Tobias / Baumann, Florian
16-Apr-2015 Structural Change and Total Factor Productivity: Evidence from GermanyHenze, Philipp
2008 Labour force paths as industry lingages: A perspective on clusters and industry life cyclesMaliranta, Mika / Nikulainen, Tuomo
2009 Does growth cause structural change, or is it the other way round?: a dynamic panel data analyses for seven OECD countriesDietrich, Andreas
2010 Suomen teollisen teknologian, tuotannon ja työllisyyden suhteellinen erikoistuminenPajarinen, Mika
2006 East Germany's wage gap: a non-parametric decomposition based on establishment characteristicsGörzig, Bernd / Gornig, Martin / Werwatz, Axel
2006 Firm specific wage spread in Germany: decomposition of regional differences in inter firm wage dispersionGörzig, Bernd / Gornig, Martin / Werwatz, Axel
2008 Long-run sectoral development time series evidence for the German economyDietrich, Andreas / Krüger, Jens J.
2007 Too much R&D?: vertical differentiation in a model of monopolistic competitionKranich, Jan

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