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2010 Do spillovers matter in estimation of private returns to R&D?Eberhardt, Markus / Helmers, Christian / Strauss, Hubert
2000 Market Power and InflationChirinko, Robert S. / Fazzari, Steven M.
2008 Trade between China and the Netherlands: a Case Study of Globalizationden Butter, Frank A.G. / Hayat, Raphie
2010 DO SPILLOVERS MATTER WHEN ESTIMATING PRIVATE RETURNS TO R&D?Strauß, Hubert / Eberhardt, Markus / Helmers, Christian
2010 A nonparametric panel data approach to the cyclical dynamics of price-cost marginsVaona, Andrea
2010 Competition, imitation, and R&D productivity in a growth model with sector-specific patent protectionMosel, Malte
2009 Horizontal mergers, involuntary unemployment, and welfareBudzinski, Oliver / Kretschmer, Jürgen-Peter
2007 Is the elephant stepping on its trunk? The problem of India´s unbalanced growthDouhan, Robin / Nordberg, Anders
2013 Union Bargaining and Intra-Industry Productivity Differentials: Theory and Evidence from GermanyBrändle, Tobias / Baumann, Florian
2009 Industriestruktur als Ursache für Produktivitätsunterschiede in Europa: Das Beispiel EstlandSepp, Jüri

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