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2011 Aspectos dinâmicos da evolução da indústria brasileira entre 1985 e 2005Bahia, Luiz Dias
2004 An empirical analysis of bundling and tying : over-the-counter pain relief and cold medicinesEvans, David S. / Salinger, Michael
2005 Curing sinus headaches and tying law : an empirical analysis of bundling decongestants and pain relieversEvans, David S. / Salinger, Michael
2003 Modelling EntrepreneurshipBosma, Niels / de Wit, Gerrit / Carree, Martin
2007 Turbulence in high growth and declining industriesBaptista, Rui / Karaöz, Murat
2008 Concentration and market size: lower bound estimates for the Brazilian industryResende, Marcelo
1988 The Economics of Learning: Price Formation when Acquisition of Information is Possible but CostlyAxell, Bo
2014 Entry and shakeout in dynamic oligopolyHünermund, Paul / Schmidt-Dengler, Philipp / Takahashi, Yuya
2007 Evolution on the market of foreign language teaching services in HungaryLaki, Mihály
2010 The Evolution of the Market of the Hungarian Printing Industry after 1989:The End of a Success Story?Laki, Mihály

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