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DateTitle Authors
2007 Optimal Risk Taking in an Uneven Tournament Game with Risk Averse PlayersKräkel, Matthias
1998 Competition in Electricity Spot Markets. Economic Theory and International Experience.von der Fehr, N.-H. / Harbord,D.
2006 Enterprise restructuring in BelarusBakanova, Marina / Estrin, Saul / Pelipas, Igor / Pukovich, Sergei
2007 Firms' differential innovative success and market dynamicsCantner, Uwe
2007 Endogenous product versus process innovation and a firm's propensity to exportBecker, Sascha O. / Egger, Peter
2007 On the evolution of market institutions: the platform design paradoxAlós-Ferrer, Carlos / Kirchsteiger, Georg / Walzl, Markus
2007 The economics of politically connected firmsChoi, Jay Pil / Thum, Marcel
2007 Morbidity, mortality, health expenditures and annuitizationTang, Kam Ki / Zhang, Jie
2013 Does the Use of Worker Flows Improve the Analysis of Establishment Turnover? Evidence from German Administrative DataHethey-Maier, Tanja / Schmieder, Johannes F.
2013 Inter-format competition among retailers: The role of private label products in market delineationHaucap, Justus / Heimeshoff, Ulrich / Klein, Gordon J. / Rickert, Dennis / Wey, Christian

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