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DateTitle Authors
2006 Company tax reform in Europe and its effect on collusive behaviorSchindler, Dirk / Schjelderup, Guttorm
2007 Tying in two-sided markets with multi-homingChoi, Jay Pil
2009 A unified theory of firm selection and growthArkolakis, Costas
2008 Endogenous Cartel Formation with Heterogeneous FirmsBos, Iwan / Harrington, Joseph E.
2004 Do Exports Generate Higher Productivity? Evidence from Slovenia.De Loecker, Jan
2002 Merger control in the new economyRöller, Lars-Hendrik / Wey, Christian
2000 Environmental policy under product differentiation and asymmetric costs - Does Leapfrogging occur and is it worth it?Rothfels, Jacqueline
2000 The impact of SMP and EMU on German bankingLang, Günter
2012 Price competition and concentration in search and negotiation markets: Evidence from mortgage lendingAllen, Jason / Clark, Robert / Houde, Jean-François
2006 Productivity, exporting and the learning-by-exporting hypothesis: Direct evidence from UK firmsCrespi, Gustavo / Criscuolo, Chiara / Haskel, Jonathan

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