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DateTitle Authors
2008 Preventing innovative cooperations: The legal exemptions unintended side effectGrowitsch, Christian / Nulsch, Nicole / Rammerstorfer, Margarethe
2013 Crime and immigration: New evidence from England and WalesJaitman, Laura / Machin, Stephen
2010 Adolescent drug use and the deterrent effect of school-imposed penaltiesWaddell, Glen R.
2013 Engaging in Corruption: The Influence of Cultural Values and Contagion Effects at the Micro LevelLee, Wang-Sheng / Guven, Cahit
2008 Speed discounting and racial disparities: evidence from speeding tickets in BostonAnbarci, Nejat / Lee, Jungmin
2009 Thieves, thugs, and neighborhood povertyBjerk, David
2009 The last refuge of a scoundrel? Patriotism and tax complianceKonrad, Kai A. / Qari, Salmai
2009 How much can we trust causal interpretations of fixed-effects estimators in the context of criminality?Bjerk, David
2011 Status-seeking in criminal subcultures and the double dividend of zero-toleranceDur, Robert / van der Weele, Joël
2010 Drawn into violence: Evidence on what makes a criminal from the Vietnam draft lotteriesLindo, Jason M. / Stoecker, Charles

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