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DateTitle Authors
2008 Optimal sequential investigation rules in competition lawKerber, Wolfgang / Kretschmer, Jürgen-Peter / von Wangenheim, Georg
2008 The relevance of judicial procedure for economic growthHayo, Bernd / Voigt, Stefan
2008 Power over prosecutors corrupts politicians: cross country evidence using a new indicatorvan Aaken, Anne / Feld, Lars P. / Voigt, Stefan
2012 Economic Analysis of Pay-for-delay Settlements and Their Legal RulingGratz, Linda
2005 The Economic Effects of Judicial Accountability : Some Preliminary InsightsVoigt, Stefan
2002 A Theoretical Investigation of Handguns, Cops and RobbersJin Kim, Jin / Boyd, John H.
2001 The Pre-commitment Advantage of Having a Slow Legislative SystemFrijters, Paul / Tieman, Alexander F.
2004 Evolutionary approaches to legal changeEckardt, Martina
2004 Income inequality and crime: The case of SwedenNilsson, Anna
2014 Merger control procedures and institutions: A comparison of the EU and US practiceKovacic, William E. / Mavroidis, Petros C. / Neven, Damien J.

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