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2014 Tax evasion by individualsGoerke, Laszlo
2014 Assessing the impact of introducing an ACE regime: A behavioural corporate microsimulation analysis for GermanyFinke, Katharina / Heckemeyer, Jost H. / Spengel, Christoph
5-Mar-2016 Exploring the characteristics of transfer pricing systems across countriesRathke, Alex Augusto Timm / Rezende, Amaury José
2009 Why the legal system is not necessarily less efficient than the income tax in redistributing incomeUsher, Dan
2010 Regulating government (´s share): The fifty-percent rule of the Federal Constitutional Court in GermanyArnauld, Andreas von / Zimmermann, Klaus W.
2013 Profit shifting and 'aggressive' tax planning by multinational firms: Issues and options for reformFuest, Clemens / Spengel, Christoph / Finke, Katharina / Heckemeyer, Jost / Nusser, Hannah
2013 Tax Reforms in Latin America in an Era of DemocracyFocanti, Diego / Hallerberg, Mark / Scartascini, Carlos
2012 The Swedish inheritance and gift taxation, 1885-2004Du Rietz, Gunnar / Henrekson, Magnus / Waldenström, Daniel
2011 Selected issues of personal income taxation harmonizationWołowiec, Tomasz
2014 Schnittstellenprobleme in Familienpolitik und FamilienrechtOtt, Notburga / Schürmann, Heinrich / Werding, Martin

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