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2001 Debt relief for low-income countries: Arbitration as the alternative to present, unsuccessful debt strategiesRaffer, Kunibert
2009 Ocean iron fertilization: why further research is neededGüssow, Kerstin / Oschlies, Andreas / Proelss, Alexander / Rehdanz, Katrin / Rickels, Wilfried
2002 The role of law in the governance of the internetEngel, Christoph
1998 Reform in basic telecommunications and the WTO negotiations: The Asian experienceLow, Patrick / Mattoo, Aaditya
1997 Regulatory autonomy and multilateral disciplines: The dilemma and a possible resolutionMattoo, Aaditya / Subramanian, Arvind
2004 National environmental policies and multilateral trade rulesJansen, Marion / Keck, Alexander
1997 Dealing with monopolies and state enterprises: WTO rules for goods and servicesMattoo, Aaditya
1998 Financial services and the WTO: Liberalization in the developing and transition economiesMattoo, Aaditya
2010 Do trade and investment agreements lead to more FDI? Accounting for key provisions inside the black boxBerger, Axel / Busse, Matthias / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Roy, Martin
2010 More stringent BITs, less ambiguous effects on FDI? Not a Bit!Berger, Axel / Busse, Matthias / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Roy, Martin

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