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2002 Works Councils and Environmental Investment: Theory and Evidence from German Panel DataAskildsen, Jan Erik / Jirjahn, Uwe / Smith, Stephan C.
2013 In the Shadow of the DSU: Addressing Specific Trade Concerns in the WTO SPS and TBT CommitteesHorn, Henrik / Mavroides, Petros C. / Wijkström, Erik N.
2010 Public smoking bans, youth access laws, and cigarette sales at vending machinesKvasnicka, Michael
2010 An inquiry into the theory, causes and consequences of monitoring indicators of health and safety at workPouliakas, Konstantinos / Theodossiou, Ioannis
2006 Satisfaction with democracy and the environment in Western Europe : a panel analysisWagner, Alexander F. / Schneider, Friedrich G.
2013 Seasonality in Smoking Behaviour: Re-evaluating the Effects of the 2005 Public Smoking Ban in ItalyDel Bono, Emilia / Grünberger, Klaus / Vuri, Daniela
1996 Enforcement of environmental liability in the case of uncertain causality and asymmetric informationBartsch, Elga
1997 Economic consequences of the German environmental liability act: Capital market response for the chemical industryBartsch, Elga
2009 Costos de cumplimiento de regulación ambiental con información incompleta: Aplicación a fuentes fijas del PCE de Santiago, ChileClerger, Gaspard / Chávez, Carlos / Villena, Mauricio / Gómez, Walter
2011 Alcohol and student performance: Estimating the effect of legal accessLindo, Jason M. / Swensen, Isaac D. / Waddell, Glen R.

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