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2014 More Is Better! What Can Firm-Specific Estimates of the Impact of Institutional Quality on Performance Tell Us?Bhaumik, Sumon K. / Dimova, Ralitza / Kumbhakar, Subal C. / Sun, Kai
2013 Preferences for Employment Protection and the Insider-Outsider DivideGuillaud, Elvire / Marx, Paul
2002 Unionization structures and firms incentives for productivity enhancing investmentsHaucap, Justus / Wey, Christian
2010 Evolution of employment protection legislation in the USSR, CIS and Baltic states, 1985 - 2009Muravyev, Alexander
2011 Labor disputes and labor flowsFraisse, Henri / Kramarz, Francis / Prost, Corinne
2011 The demand side of social protection: Lessons from Cambodia's labour rights experienceDiCaprio, Alisa
2012 Politics, unemployment, and the enforcement of immigration lawMakowsky, Michael D. / Stratmann, Thomas
2012 Does institutional quality affect firm performance? Insights from a semiparametric approachBhaumik, Sumon K. / Dimova, Ralitza / Kumbhakar, Subal C. / Sun, Kai
2011 Give me your wired and your highly skilled: Measuring the impact of immigration policy on employers and shareholdersLin, Carl
2011 Severance pay programs around the world: History, rationale, status, and reformsHolzmann, Robert / Pouget, Yann / Vodopivec, Milan / Weber, Michael

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