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DateTitle Authors
2011 Using forward contracts to reduce regulatory captureHöffler, Felix / Kranz, Sebastian
2011 Valuation of spectrum for mobile broadband services: Engineering value versus willingness to payMölleryd, Bengt G. / Markendahl, Jan
2012 Die Versicherungsbranche unter FATCAWitty, Magdalena / Kliebisch, Christine
2006 Preconditions for a successful implementation of supervisors' prompt corrective action: Is there a case for a banking standard in the European Union?Nieto, María J. / Wall, Larry D.
2007 Multiple safety net regulators and agency problems in the European Union: Is prompt corrective action partly the solution?Mayes, David G. / Nieto, María J. / Wall, Larry
2013 Vor- und Nachteile alternativer Allokationsmechanismen für das 900- und 1800-MHz- FrequenzspektrumHaucap, Justus / Heimeshoff, Ulrich
2011 Creating an EU-level supervisor for cross-border banking groups: Issues raised by the U.S. experience with dual bankingWall, Larry D. / Nieto, María J. / Mayes, David
2008 Demutualization and enforcement incentives at self-regulatory financial exchangesReiffen, David / Robe, Michel A.
2010 Investment in telecommunications infrastructure, growth, and employment - recent researchWieck, Reinhard / Vidal, Miguel
2010 Prudential discipline for financial firms: Micro, macro, and market structuresWall, Larry D.

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