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DateTitle Authors
2000 Path Dependence, Corporate Governance and ComplementaritySchmidt, Reinhard H. / Spindler, Gerald
1999 Angleichung der Unternehmensverfassung in Europa: ein ForschungsprogrammSchmidt, Reinhard H. / Grohs, Stefanie
2001 Mängel bei der Abschlußprüfung: Tatsachenberichte und Analysen aus betriebswirtschaftlicher SichtWüstemann, Jens
2010 Executive compensation regulation and the dynamics of the pay-performance sensitivitySabiwalsky, Ralf
2001 The positive economics of labor market rigidities and investor protectionFehn, Rainer / Meier, Carsten-Patrick
2002 How corporate governance and globalization can run afoul of the law and good practices in business: The Enron's disgraceful affairApreda, Rodolfo
2014 Corporate groups: A German's European perspectiveTröger, Tobias H.
2009 An empirical analysis of legal insider trading in the NetherlandsDegryse, Hans / de Jong , Frank / Lefebvre, Jérémie
2013 Stock Market Returns, Corporate Governance and Capital Market EquilibriumParigi, Bruno Maria / Pelizzon, Loriana / von Thadden, Ernst-Ludwig
2008 How much sunlight does it take to disinfect a boardroom?: a short history of executive compensation regulationDew-Becker, Ian

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