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DateTitle Authors
2010 Predation enforcement options: An evaluation using a Cournot frameworkHüschelrath, Kai / Weigand, Jürgen
2010 A methodology for the evaluation of competition policyHüschelrath, Kai / Leheyda, Nina
2010 Fighting hard core cartelsHüschelrath, Kai / Weigand, Jürgen
2013 A primer on damages of cartel suppliers: Determinants, standing US vs. EU and econometric estimationBueren, Eckart / Smuda, Florian
2013 Ex-post Merger Evaluation in the UK Retail Market for BooksDuso, Tomaso / Argentesi, Elena / Aguzzoni, Luca / Ciari, Lorenzo / Tognoni, Massimo
2013 Does state antitrust enforcement drive establishment exit?Feinberg, Robert M. / Husted, Thomas A. / Szücs, Florian
2005 Can Minimum Prices Assure the Quality of Professional Services?Meran, Georg / Schwarze, Reimund
2006 The analysis of coordinated effects in EU merger control: where do we stand after Sony/BMG and Impala?Aigner, Gisela / Budzinski, Oliver / Christiansen, Arndt
2006 Competition policy with optimally differentiated rules instead of per se rules vs. rule of reasonChristiansen, Arndt / Kerber, Wolfgang
2007 The Oracle/PeopleSoft case: unilateral effects, simulation models and econometrics in contemporary merger controlBudzinski, Oliver / Christiansen, Arndt

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