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DateTitle Authors
2012 Judicial Error by Groups and Individualsvan Dijk, Frans / Sonnemans, Joep H. / Bauw, Ed
2012 Cross-border spillover: US gun laws and violence in MexicoDube, Arindrajit / Dube, Oeindrila / García-Ponce, Omar
2013 Logistic regression for extremely rare events: The case of school shootingsWestphal, Christian
2011 Understanding the effects of violent video games on violent crimeCunningham, A. Scott / Engelstätter, Benjamin / Ward, Michael R.
2003 Ökonomische Analyse des RechtsKirstein, Roland
2013 Los costos del crimen en UruguayAboal, Diego / Campanella, Jorge / Lanzilotta, Bibiana
2013 Liberal coercion? Prostitution, human trafficking and policyCho, Seo-young
2013 Os efeitos da mídia sobre o suicídio: Uma análise empírica para os estados brasileirosLoureiro, Paulo R. A. / Moreira, Tito Belchior / Sachsida, Adolfo
2010 Punishment despite reasonable doubt: A public goods experiment with uncertainty over contributionsGrechenig, Kristoffel / Nicklisch, Andreas / Thöni, Christian
2013 The effect of criminal identity on dishonestyCohn, Alain / Maréchal, Michel André / Noll, Thomas

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