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2009 Can profit sharing lower flexible outsourcing?: a noteKoskela, Erkki / König, Jan
2009 Can profit sharing lower flexible outsourcing? A noteKoskela, Erkki / König, Jan
2010 Profit sharing, wage formation and flexible outsourcing under labor market imperfectionKoskela, Erkki / König, Jan
2010 Does international outsourcing really lower workers' income?Koskela, Erkki / König, Jan
2004 European Labour Mobility : Challenges and PotentialsZimmermann, Klaus F.
2014 Labor Market Deregulation and Female Employment: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in JapanKato, Takao / Kodama, Naomi
2008 Outsourcing and labor taxation in dual labor marketsKoskela, Erkki / Poutvaara, Panu
2008 Flexible outsourcing, profit sharing and equilibrium unemploymentKoskela, Erkki / König, Jan
2009 The role of profit sharing in a dual labour market with flexible outsourcingKoskela, Erkki / König, Jan
2006 Legal Status at Entry, Economic Performance, and Self-Employment Proclivity: A Bi-National Study of ImmigrantsConstant, Amelie F. / Zimmermann, Klaus F.

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