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2012 Geringe Stundenlöhne, lange ArbeitszeitenBrenke, Karl
2011 Work-related health in Europe: Are older workers more at risk?Jones, Melanie K. / Latreille, Paul L. / Sloane, Peter J. / Staneva, Anita V.
2012 The impact of Greek labour market regulation on temporary and family employment: Evidence from a new surveyAnagnostopoulos, Achilleas / Siebert, W. Stanley
2012 More hours, more jobs? The employment effects of longer working hoursAndrews, Martyn J. / Gerner, Hans-Dieter / Schank, Thorsten / Upward, Richard
2012 Immigrants in risky occupationsOrrenius, Pia M. / Zavodny, Madeline
2011 Why would some migrants choose to engage in degrading work?Stark, Oded / Fan, C. Simon
2012 Impact of working hours on work-life balanceHolly, Sarah / Mohnen, Alwine
2010 Arbeitszufriedenheit und flexible Arbeitszeiten: Empirische Analyse mit Daten des Sozio-oekonomischen PanelsHanglberger, Dominik
2011 Are self-employed really happier than employees? An approach modelling adaptation and anticipation effects to self-employment and general job changesHanglberger, Dominik / Merz, Joachim
16-May-2012 Revisiting Procedural Utility: Evidence from European Survey DataStefan Schneck

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