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DateTitle Authors
2006 Labor standards and economic integration in the European Union : an empirical analysisDehejia, Vivek H. / Samy, Yiagadeesen
2008 The prevalence and effects of occupational licensingKleiner, Morris M. / Krueger, Alan B.
2004 Labour Market Flexibility and Employment Protection Regulation in the Baltic StatesMasso, Jaan / Eamets, Raul
2006 Welfare state retrenchment: the partisan effect revisitedAmable, Bruno / Gatti, Donatella / Schumacher, Jan
2013 Mr. Rosaen's magical thinking: A short evaluation of Alex Rosaen's 2013 prevailing wage methodologyPhilips, Peter
2010 Economic reform, informal-formal sector linkages and intervention in the informal sector in developing countries: A paradoxArvin-Rad, Hassan / Basu, Arnab K. / Willumsen, Maria
2012 Empowering people in the business frontline: The Ruggie's framework and the capability approachCanton, César G.
2010 Did employer sanctions lose their bite? Labor market effects of immigrant legalizationLofstrom, Magnus / Hill, Laura / Hayes, Joseph
2002 Cognitive Ability and PaternalismSaint-Paul, Gilles