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2012 La inclusión sociolaboral de la población reclusa de Galicia, España: principales obstáculos y propuestas para su superaciónBarreiro-Gen, María
2006 Bargaining and Strategic DiscriminationBjörnerstedt, Jonas / Westermark, Andreas
2010 Does employer learning vary by occupation?Mansour, Hani
2014 Gender and Immigration: Double Negative Effects in the Labor Market Outcomes of University Graduates in Germany?Bünstorf, Guido / Krabel, Stefan
2010 Getting what (employers think) you're worth: evidence on the gender gap in entry wages among university graduatesBredtmann, Julia / Otten, Sebastian
2007 Labour market outcomes after vocational training in Germany: Equal opportunities for migrants and natives?Burkert, Carola / Seibert, Holger
2006 Importing equality or exporting jobs? Competition and gender wage and employment differentials in US manufacturingKongar, Ebru
2010 Skin Tone's decreasing importance on employment: Evidence from a longitudinal dataset, 1985-2000Akee, Randall K. Q. / Yuksel, Mutlu
2010 The impact of 9/11 and the London bombings on the employment and earnings of U.K. MuslimsRabby, Faisal / Rodgers, William M.
2004 How different are wages from wage potentials? : Analyzing the earnings disadvantage of immigrants in GermanyLang, Günter

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