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2010 Attitudes towards economic risk and the gender pay gapLe, Anh T. / Miller, Paul W. / Slutske, Wendy S. / Martin, Nicholas G.
2010 Wages and immigrant occupational composition in SwedenHansen, Jörgen / Wahlberg, Roger / Faisal, Sharif
2009 Perceptions and labor market outcomes of immigrants in Australia after 9/11Goel, Deepti
2009 The impact of being monitored on discriminatory behavior among employers: evidence from a natural experimentCarlsson, Magnus / Rooth, Dan-Olof
2010 Do employers discriminate by gender? A field experiment in female-dominated occupationsBooth, Alison L. / Leigh, Andrew
2010 Ethnic discrimination in Germany's labour market: a field experimentKaas, Leo / Manger, Christian
2011 Does gender matter for academic promotion? Evidence from a randomized natural experimentZinovyeva, Natalia / Bagues, Manuel F.
2010 Does racial and ethnic discrimination vary across minority groups? Evidence from a field experimentBooth, Alison L. / Leigh, Andrew / Varganova, Elena
2011 Women and power: Unwilling, ineffective, or held back?Casas-Arce, Pablo / Saiz, Albert
2005 Sex differences in pay in a new monopsony model of the labor marketRansom, Michael R. / Oaxaca, Ronald L.

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