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2008 Intrahousehold health care financing strategy and the gender gap: Empirical evidence from IndiaAsfaw, Abay / Klasen, Stephan / Lamanna, Francesca
2010 Opportunities and constraints in agriculture: A gendered analysis of cocoa production in Southern CameroonKumase, Wokia-azi N. / Bisseleua, Herve / Klasen, Stephan
2012 Diversität im Aufsichtsrat: Studie über die Zusammensetzung deutscher AufsichtsräteRieck, Christian / Bendig, Helena / Hünnemeyer, Julius / Nitzsche, Lisa
2013 Hiring discrimination based on national origin and religious closeness: Results from a field experiment in the Paris areaPierné, Guillaume
2009 Gender differences in output quality and quantity under competition and time constraints: evidence from a pilot studyShurchkov, Olga
2013 Ethnic background and youth unemployment in GermanyZibrowius, Michael
2011 Gender differences in rates of job dismissal: Why are men more likely to lose their jobs?Wilkins, Roger / Wooden, Mark
2011 Costless discrimination and unequal achievements in a labour market experimentFilippin, Antonio / Guala, Francesco
2011 Pitfalls of immigrant inclusion into the European welfare stateKahanec, Martin / Kim, Anna Myunghee / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2012 Educational segregation and the gender wage gap for recent college graduates in ColombiaCepeda Emiliani, Laura / Barón, Juan D.

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