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2004 Decomposing the Gender Wage Gap in the Netherlands with Sample Selection AdjustmentsAlbrecht, James / van Vuuren, Aico / Vroman, Susan
2011 The returns to skill and racial difference in parenting: Evidence from the civil rights movementThompson, Owen
2010 Getting What (Employers Think) You're Worth – Evidence on the Gender Gap in Entry Wages among University GraduatesBredtmann, Julia / Otten, Sebastian
2006 Social segregation and the dynamics of group inequalityBowles, Samuel / Sethi, Rajiv
2015 Is There a Penalty for Becoming a Woman? Is There a Premium for Becoming a Man? Evidence from a Sample of Transsexual WorkersGeijtenbeek, Lydia / Plug, Erik
2003 Do high incomes reflect individual performance? The determinants of high incomes in GermanyHirschel, Dierk
2003 Hohe Einkommen: Eine Verteilungsanalyse für freie Berufe, Unternehmer und abhängig Beschäftigte - Eine Mikroanalyse auf der Basis der EinkommensteuerstatistikMerz, Joachim / Zwick, Markus
2012 Social Networks and Labor Market Inequality between Ethnicities and RacesToomet, Ott / van der Leij, Marco / Rolfe, Meredith
2010 A Policy Agenda for Diversity and Minority IntegrationKahanec, Martin / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2000 Native-immigrant wage differentials in Germany: Assimilation, discrimination, or human capital?Lang, Günter

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