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DateTitle Authors
2005 Lohnunterschiede zwischen Frauen und Männern in Branchen, Berufen und BetriebenHinz, Thomas / Gartner, Hermann
2014 Selection and the Measured Black-White Wage Gap Among Young Women RevisitedAlbrecht, James / van Vuuren, Aico / Vroman, Susan
2005 Decomposition of the gender wage gap using matching: an application for SwitzerlandDjurdjevic, Dragana / Radyakin, Sergiy
2003 A meta-analysis of the international gender wage gapWeichselbaumer, Doris / Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2014 Obesity and the Labor Market: A Fresh Look at the Weight PenaltyCaliendo, Marco / Gehrsitz, Markus
2012 Wage growth and job mobility in the early career: Testing a statistical discrimination model of the gender wage gapBelley, Philippe / Havet, Nathalie / Lacroix, Guy
2008 Attitudes towards immigrants, other integration barriers, and their veracityConstant, Amelie F. / Kahanec, Martin / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2013 Black and White Body Mass Index Values in Developing 19th Century NebraskaCarson, Scott A.
2008 Non scholae, sed vitae discimus!: the importance of fields of study for the gender wage gap among Germany university graduates during labor market entry and the first years of their careereBraakmann, Nils
2008 Fields of training, plant characteristics and the gender wage gap in entry wages among skilled workers: evidence from German administrative dataBraakmann, Nils

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