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2013 Hiring discrimination based on national origin and religious closeness: Results from a field experiment in the Paris areaPierné, Guillaume
2013 Ethnic background and youth unemployment in GermanyZibrowius, Michael
2003 Gender Discrimination and the International Division of LabourBusse, Matthias / Spielmann, Christian
2005 A Comparison of the Relationship between Obesity and Earnings in the U.S. and GermanyCawley, John H. / Grabka, Markus M. / Lillard, Dean R.
2012 Obesity in black and white: Accounting for 19th century US BMI differences by socioeconomic status and biologyCarson, Scott A.
2011 Discrimination in the Labor Market: The Curse of Competition between Workersde Haan, Thomas / Offerman, Theo / Sloof, Randolph
2011 Procrastination in teams, contract design and discriminationWeinschenk, Philipp
2012 Nineteenth century US BMIs by race: Socioeconomics and biologyCarson, Scott A.
2013 A weighty issue revisited: the dynamic effect of body weight on earnings and satisfaction in GermanyKropfhäußer, Frieder / Sunder, Marco
2011 Physical attractiveness, employment and earningsPfeifer, Christian

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