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2006 Wage inequality and job insecurity among permanent and contract workers in India: evidence from organized manufacturing industriesBhandari, Amit K. / Heshmati, Almas
2006 Ethnic specialization and earnings inequality: why being a minority hurts but being a big minority hurts moreKahanec, Martin
2004 Identity and Racial HarassmentCobb-Clark, Deborah A. / Antecol, Heather
2013 Pure ethnic gaps in educational attainment and school to work transitions: When do they arise?Baert, Stijn / Cockx, Bart
2004 Motivation, Expectations and the Gender Pay Gap for UK GraduatesChevalier, Arnaud
2003 Substance use and earnings : the case of smokers in GermanySchwarze, Johannes / Heineck, Guido
2004 Carefree? : Participation and Pay Differentials for Informal Carers in BritainHeitmüller, Axel / Inglis, Kirsty
2005 Do men and women-economists choose the same research fields? Evidence from top-50 departmentsDolado, Juan José / Felgueroso, Florentino / Almunia, Miguel
2014 Availability of Family-Friendly Work Practices and Implicit Wage Costs: New Evidence from CanadaFakih, Ali
2000 The Determination of Wages and the Gender Wage Gap: A SurveyKunze, Astrid

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