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DateTitle Authors
2005 Gender discrimination estimation in a search model with matching and bargainingFlabbi, Luca
2005 Dynamics and diversity: ethnic employment differences in England and Wales, 1991 - 2001Clark, Kenneth / Drinkwater, Stephen
2003 Does the Glass Ceiling Exist? A Cross-National Perspective onGang, Ira N. / Landon-Lane, John S. / Yun, Myeong-Su
2004 On the Returns to Training in PortugalBudría, Santiago / Pereira, Pedro Telhado
2004 Crossing the Tracks? : More on Trends in the Training of Male and Female Workers in Great BritainJones, Melanie K. / Latreille, Paul L. / Sloane, Peter J.
2004 Is There a Glass Ceiling over Europe? : Exploring the Gender Pay Gap across the Wages DistributionArulampalam, Wiji / Booth, Alison L. / Bryan, Mark L.
2014 The Timing of Preference and Prejudice in Sequential Hiring GamesWaddell, Glen R. / Lee, Logan M.
2002 Gender Differences in Entry Wages and Early Career WagesKunze, Astrid
1999 Gender and racial discrimination in pay and promotion for NHS nursesPudney, Stephen / Shields, Michael A.
2002 Overeducation and Ethnic Minorities in BritainBattu, Harminder / Sloane, Peter J.

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