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DateTitle Authors
2006 Immigrant labour market assimilation and arrival effects: evidence from the UK labour force surveyClark, Ken / Lindley, Joanne
1999 Endogenous Schooling and the Distribution of the Gender Wage GapHansen, Jörgen / Wahlberg, Roger
2012 The gender pay gap in the Australian private sector: Is selection relevant across the wage distribution?Chzhen, Yekaterina / Mumford, Karen A. / Nicodemo, Catia
2007 An extension of the Blinder-Oaxaca decomposition to a Continuum of Comparison GroupsÑopo, Hugo
2002 Gender differences in German upward income mobilityGang, Ira N. / Landon-Lane, John / Yun, Myeong-Su
2008 Unequal Chances on a Flexible Labor Market, The Case of the NetherlandsBijwaard, Govert E. / Veenman, Justus
2003 Does the Glass Ceiling Exist? : A Cross-National Perspective on Gender Income MobilityGang, Ira N. / Landon-Lane, John S. / Yun, Myeong-Su
2010 Interpreting wage gaps of disabled men: The roles of productivity and discriminationLonghi, Simonetta / Nicoletti, Cheti / Platt, Lucinda
2007 The looks of a winner: beauty, gender, and electoral successBerggren, Niclas / Jordahl, Henrik / Poutvaara, Panu
2007 Gender wage differentials and the occupational injury risk: evidence from Germany and the USKluve, Jochen / Schaffner, Sandra

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