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2009 Vacancy referrals, job search, and the duration of unemployment: A randomized experimentEngström, Per / Hesselius, Patrik / Holmlund, Bertil
2011 Monitoring, sanctions and front-loading of job search in a non-stationary modelCockx, Bart / Dejemeppe, Muriel / Launov, Andrey / van der Linden, Bruno
2011 Labor demand during the crisis: What happened in Germany?Bohachova, Olga / Boockmann, Bernhard / Buch, Claudia M.
2006 Virtues of SIN: Effects of an immigrant workplace introduction programÅslund, Olof / Johansson, Per
2014 Labour market effects of retraining for the unemployed: The role of occupationsKruppe, Thomas / Lang, Julia
2013 Effectiveness of sequences of One-Euro-Jobs: Is it better to do more One-Euro-Jobs or to wait?Dengler, Katharina
2002 Impediments to the productive employment of labor in JapanOno, Hiroshi / Rebick, Marcus E.
2012 Quick job entry or long-term human capital development? The dynamic effects of alternative training schemesOsikominu, Aderonke
2009 The gender and generational consequences of the demographic transition and population policy: An assessment of the micro and macro linkagesSchultz, T. Paul
2013 The Evaluation of Start-Up Subsidies for the Unemployed and the Role of Unobserved Characteristics for Matching EstimatorsWeißenberger, Martin / Caliendo, Marco / Künn, Steffen

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