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DateTitle Authors
2004 An Empirical Model of Collective Household Labour Supply with NonparticipationBloemen, Hans G.
2010 Do Eligibility Criteria Influence Unemployment?Wagner, Thomas / Jahn, Elke J.
2005 Do benefit jikes damage job finding? : Evidence from Swedish unemployment insurance reformsBennmarker, Helge / Carling, Kenneth / Holmlund, Bertil
2004 Estimating the Probability of Leaving Unemployment Using Uncompleted Spells from Repeated Cross-Section DataGüell, Maia / Hu, Luojia
2004 Unemployment Benefits and Unemployment Rates of Low-Skilled and Elder Workers in West Germany : A Search Equilibrium ApproachKlasen, Stephan / Wolff, Joachim / Launov, Andrey
2004 Stepping Stones for the Unemployed : The Effect of Temporary Jobs on the Duration until Regular WorkZijl, Marloes / van den Berg, Gerard J. / Heyma, Arjan
2003 Is Labour Market Training a Curse for the Unemployed? Evidence from a Social ExperimentRosholm, Michael / Skipper, Lars
2004 Reservation Wages, Search Duration, and Accepted Wages in EuropeAddison, John T. / Centeno, Mário / Portugal, Pedro
2004 How does the unemployment insurance system shape the time profile of jobless duration?Addison, John T. / Portugal, Pedro
2012 Unemployment in Europe: Young people affected much harder than adultsBrenke, Karl

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