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2008 Job search and unemployment insurance: new evidence from time use dataKrueger, Alan B. / Mueller, Andreas
2004 An Empirical Model of Collective Household Labour Supply with NonparticipationBloemen, Hans G.
2005 Labor market prospects, search intensity and the transition from college to workvan der Klaauw, Bas / van Vuuren, Aico / Berkhout, Peter
2007 Active labor market policy effects for women in Europe: A surveyBergemann, Annette / van den Berg, Gerard
2005 Stepping-stones or dead-ends? An analysis of Swedish replacement contractsLarsson, Laura / Lindqvist, Linus / Nordström Skans, Oskar
2007 Matching estimators for the effect of a treatment on survival timesDeLuna, Xavier / Johansson, Per
2007 Random and stock-flow models of labour market matching: Swedish evidenceForslund, Anders / Johansson, Kerstin
2007 An economic analysis of exclusion restrictions for instrumental variable estimationvan den Berg, Gerard
2010 Locus of control and job search strategiesCaliendo, Marco / Cobb-Clark, Deborah A. / Uhlendorff, Arne
2004 The Relationship between Unemployment and Risk-AversionDiaz-Serrano, Luis / O'Neill, Donal

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