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DateTitle Authors
2013 Migrant networks and job search outcomes: Evidence from displaced workersColussi, Tommaso
1985 The Replacement of the UV-Curve with a New Measure of Hiring EfficiencySchager, Nils Henrik
2009 Who is claiming for fixed-term contracts?Jaimovich, Dany / Pages-Serra, Carmen
2000 The causes and consequences of managerial change in Ukraine and the complementarity of reformsWarzynski, Frederic
2013 How unemployment insurance savings accounts affect employment duration: Evidence from ChileNagler, Paula
2013 Wage posting or wage bargaining? Evidence from the employers sideGartner, Hermann / Brenzel, Hanna / Schnabel, Claus
2013 Labour market and labour market policies during great recession: the case of EstoniaEamets, Raul
2003 Location decisions in a changing labour market environmentFrank, Björn
2013 Fiscal consolidation and unemployment: does EPL matter? A look at EU countriesTurrini, Alessandro
2006 Tenure profiles and efficient separation in a stochastic productivity modelBuhai, I. Sebastian / Teulings, Coen N.

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