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DateTitle Authors
2002 Understanding regional productivity in a Nordic welfare state: Does ICT matter?Böckerman, Petri
2015 Divorce: What Does Learning Have to Do with It?Marinescu, Ioana E.
2000 Firm-specific training: Consequences for job mobilityZweimüller, Josef / Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2009 Works Councils and Separations: Voice, Monopoly, and Insurance EffectsHirsch, Boris / Schank, Thorsten / Schnabel, Claus
2008 Employment stability of entrants in newly founded firms: a matching approach using linked employer-employee data from GermanySchnabel, Claus / Kohaut, Susanne / Brixy, Udo
2009 Work councils and separations: voice, monopoly, and insurance effectsHirsch, Boris / Schank, Thorsten / Schnabel, Claus
2011 The Price of Security: On the Causality and Impact of Lay-off Risks on WagesArent, Stefan / Nagl, Wolfgang
2008 The determinants of job creation and destruction: plant-level evidence for Eastern and Western GermanyFuchs, Michaela / Weyh, Antje
2000 Job stability trends, layoffs and quits: An empirical analysis for West GermanyBergemann, Annette / Mertens, Antje
1999 Job stability trends and labor market (re-)entry in West Germany 1984 - 1997Mertens, Antje

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