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2003 Labour as a Buffer: Do Temporary Workers Suffer?Francesconi, Marco / Booth, Alison L. / Frank, Jeff
1999 Persistence and the German Unemployment Problem: Empirical Evidences on German Labor Market FlowsSchmidt, Christoph M.
1999 The Heterogeneity and Cyclical Sensitivity of Unemployment: An Exploration of German Labor Market FlowsSchmidt, Christoph M.
2002 Job Reallocation and Productivity Growth Under Alternative Economic Systems and Policies: Evidence from the Soviet TransitionBrown, J. David / Earle, John S.
2000 Improving Nurse Retention in the British National Health Service: The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Intentions to QuitShields, Michael A. / Ward, Melanie E.
2000 Worker Separations in a Nonstationary Corporate EnvironmentDohmen, Thomas J. / Pfann, Gerard A.
2000 Temporary Jobs: Stepping Stones or Dead Ends?Booth, Alison L. / Francesconi, Marco / Frank, Jeff
2000 The Effects of Overeducation on Productivity in Germany - The Firms' ViewpointBüchel, Felix
2002 The Dynamics of Job Creation and Destruction for University Graduates: Why a Rising Unemployment Rate Can Be MisleadingFerreira, Priscila / Cardoso, Ana Rute
2001 The Impact of Product Market Competition on Employment and WagesAmable, Bruno / Gatti, Donatella

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