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DateTitle Authors
2005 Reallocation, firm turnover, and efficiency: selection on productivity or profitability?Foster, Lucia / Haltiwanger, John / Syverson, Chad
2001 Two-Sided Learning, Labor Turnover and Worker DisplacementPfann, Gerard A. / Hamermesh, Daniel S.
2005 The flow approach to labor markets: new data sources, micro-macro links and the recent downturnDavis, Steven J. / Faberman, R. Jason / Haltiwanger, John
2005 A model of foreign-born transfers: evidence from Canadian micro dataDeVoretz, Don J. / Vadean, Florin P.
2006 Employment dynamics and the structure of labor adjustment costsVarejão, José / Portugal, Pedro
2005 Dual Employment Protection Legislation : A Framework for AnalysisDolado, Juan José / Jansen, Marcel / Jimeno, Juan F.
2000 Explaining Youth Labor Market Problems in Spain: Crowding-Out, Institutions, or Technology Shifts?Jimeno, Juan F. / Felgueroso, Florentino / Dolado, Juan José
2009 Firing versus continuing employment if an economic setback is expectedGöcke, Matthias
2009 Fixing the leak: Unemployment incidence before and after the 2006 reform of unemployment benefits in GermanyDlugosz, Stephan / Stephan, Gesine / Wilke, Ralf A.
2006 Wage Dispersion Between and Within Plants: Sweden 1985-2000Nordström Skans, Oskar / Edin, Per-Anders / Holmlund, Bertil

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