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2011 Gender differences in the intergenerational earnings mobility of second-generation migrantsFlake, Regina
2010 Health insurance availability and entrepreneurshipDeCicca, Philip
2013 Gender differences in career progression: Does the effect of children capture low work effort?Kunze, Astrid
2013 Post-socialist transition and the intergenerational transmission of education in KyrgyzstanBrück, Tilman / Esenaliev, Damir
2013 Costs and Benefits of Labour Mobility between the EU and the Eastern Partnership Countries: Country Study on GermanyBiavaschi, Costanza / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2012 Wage and occupational assimilation by skill level: Migration policy lessons from SpainRodríguez-Planas, Núria
2013 Labour Mobility and the Portability of Social Rights in the EUd'Addio, Anna Cristina / Cavalleri, Maria Chiara
2014 Unemployment and labor reallocation in EuropeHogrefe, Jan / Sachs, Andreas
2011 Intergenerational transmission of self-employed status in the informal sector: a constrained choice or better income prospects? Evidence from seven West-African countriesPasquier-Doumer, Laure
2010 Women move differently: Job separations and genderHirsch, Boris / Schnabel, Claus

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