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2014 Non-Standard Employment Patterns in the NetherlandsGielen, Anne C. / Schils, Trudie
2012 Mobility across multiple generations: The iterated regression fallacyStuhler, Jan
2014 Social Mobility and the Importance of Networks: Evidence for BritainMarcenaro Gutierrez, Oscar / Micklewright, John / Vignoles, Anna
2011 How important is cultural background for the level of intergenerational mobility?Schnitzlein, Daniel D.
2011 How important is the family? Evidence from sibling correlations in permanent earnings in the US, Germany and DenmarkSchnitzlein, Daniel D.
2013 Repeated job quits: Stepping stones or learning about quality?Gielen, Anne C.
2013 Intergenerational transmission of human capital in Europe: Evidence from SHAREStella, Luca
2004 Parental Education and Child?s Education : A Natural ExperimentChevalier, Arnaud
2011 Strukturmerkmale von BerufenHoffmann, Jana / Damelang, Andreas / Schulz, Florian
2002 A Matching Model of Crowding-Out and On-the-Job Search (with an Application to Spain)Dolado, Juan José / Jansen, Marcel / Jimeno, Juan F.

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