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2013 On the differential impact of the recent economic downturn on work safety by nativity: The Spanish experienceAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina / Borra, Cristina
2013 Source country characteristics and immigrants' optimal migration duration decisionKırdar, Murat G.
2010 Source country characteristics and immigrants' migration duration and saving decisionsKirdar, Murat G.
2007 The relation between fluid intelligence and the general factor as a function of cultural background: A test of Cattell's investment theoryKvist, Ann Valentin / Gustafsson, Jan-Eric
2000 Emigration of Immigrants and Measures of Immigrant Assimilation: Evidence from Sweden.Edin, Per-Anders / LaLonde, Robert J. / Åslund, Olof
2006 Taxation And Internal Migration - Evidence From The Swiss Census Using Community-Level Variation In Income Tax RatesSousa-Poza, Alfonso / Puhani, Patrick A. / Liebig, Thomas
2008 Immigrants and welfare programmes: Exploring the interactions between immigrant characteristics, immigrant welfare dependence and welfare policyBarrett, Alan / McCarthy, Yvonne
2008 The labor market consequences of gender differences in job searchEriksson, Stefan / Lagerström, Jonas
2009 Multiculturalism versus assimilation: Attitudes towards immigrants in Western countriesVani, Borooah K. / John, Mangan
2004 The Economics of Co-ethnic Employment; Incentives, Welfare Effects and Policy Optionsden Butter, Frank A.G. / Masurel, Enno / Mosch, Robert

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