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2009 I'll marry you if you get me a job: marital assimilation and immigrant employment ratesFurtado, Delia / Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2009 EU enlargement and Ireland's labour marketBarrett, Alan
2009 Perceptions and labor market outcomes of immigrants in Australia after 9/11Goel, Deepti
2009 Intergenerational mobility of immigrants in Germany: moving with natives or stuck in their neighborhoods?Yuksel, Mutlu
2010 Returning to the question of a wage premium for returning migrantsBarrett, Alan / Goggin, Jean
2009 The economic situation of first- and second-generation immigrants in France, Germany, and the UKAlgan, Yann / Dustmann, Christian / Glitz, Albrecht / Manning, Alan
2009 Understanding the workweek of foreign born workers in the United StatesLozano, Fernando Antonio
2009 Gender differences in native preferences towards undocumented and legal immigration: evidence from San DiegoAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina / Puttitanun, Thitima
2010 Source country characteristics and immigrants' migration duration and saving decisionsKirdar, Murat G.
2010 Which immigrants are most innovative and entrepreneurial? Distinctions by entry visaHunt, Jennifer

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