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2008 Do high-skill immigrants raise productivity? Evidence from Israeli manufacturing firms, 1990 - 1999Paserman, Marco Daniele
2008 The impact of college graduation on geographic mobility: identifying education using multiple components of Vietnam draft riskMalamud, Ofer / Wozniak, Abigail
2006 Labor market assimilation of recent immigrants in SpainAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina / de la Rica, Sara
2006 Why are immigrants' incarceration rates so low?: Evidence on selective immigration, deterrence, and deportationButcher, Kristin F. / Piehl, Anne Morrison
2007 The persistence of self-employment across borders: new evidence on legal immigrants to the United StatesAkee, Randall K. Q. / Jaeger, David A. / Tatsiramos, Konstantinos
1998 Temporary Migrants From Egypt: How Long Do They Stay Abroad?Gang, Ira N. / Bauer, Thomas K.
2000 The Employment, Unemployment and Unemployment Compensation Benefits of ImmigrantsHurst, Michael E. / Chiswick, Barry R.
2000 Earnings Inequality, Returns to Education and Immigration into IrelandBarrett, Alan / FitzGerald, John / Nolan, Brian
2005 Immigrants' Responsiveness to Labor Market Conditions and Its Implications on Regional Disparities: Evidence from SpainAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina / de la Rica, Sara
2002 Revisiting the Family Investment Model with Longitudinal Data: The Earnings Growth of Immigrant and U.S.-Born WomenDuleep, Harriet Orcutt / Dowhan, Daniel J.

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