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2008 Studying abroad and the effect on international labor market mobility: evidence from the introduction of ERASMUSParey, Matthias / Waldinger, Fabian
2008 Using a census to assess the reliability of a national household survey for migration research: the case of IrelandBarrett, Alan / Kelly, Elish
2000 Return Migrants From Egypt: How Long Did They Stay Abroad?Gang, Ira N. / Bauer, Thomas
2004 The Economic Experiences of Refugees in CanadaDeVoretz, Don J. / Pivnenko, Sergiy / Beiser, Morton
2008 The negative assimilation of immigrants: a special caseChiswick, Barry R. / Miller, Paul W.
2008 South-south migration: the impact of Nicaraguan immigrants on earnings, inequality and poverty in Costa RicaGindling, T. H.
2003 Labour market programmes and geographical mobility: migration and commuting among programme participants and openly unemployedLindgren, Urban / Westerlund, Olle
2008 The asset portfolios of native-born and foreign-born householdsCobb-Clark, Deborah A. / Hildebrand, Vincent A.
2008 Does immigration raise natives' income? National and regional evidence from SpainAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina / de la Rica, Sara
2006 Welfare migration in Europe and the cost of a harmonised social assistanceDe Giorgi, Giacomo / Pellizzari, Michele

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