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2008 Union membership and age: the inverted U-shape hypothesis under testSchnabel, Claus / Wagner, Joachim
2009 Gewerkschaften im Bundestag: Gemeinwohlorientiert oder Lobbyisten?Berlemann, Michael / Zimmermann, Klaus W.
2012 Union membership and density: Some (not so) stylized facts and challengesSchnabel, Claus
2005 Determinants of Union Membership in 18 EU Countries : Evidence from Micro Data, 2002/03Schnabel, Claus / Wagner, Joachim
2005 Who are the workers who never joined a union? Empirical evidence from GermanyWagner, Joachim / Schnabel, Claus
2006 The persistent decline in unionization in western and eastern Germany, 1980-2004 : What can we learn from a decomposition analysis?Schnabel, Claus / Wagner, Joachim
2010 They don't get me I'm part of the union: Trade unions in the German parliamentBerlemann, Michael / Zimmermann, Klaus W.
2008 The aging of the unions in West Germany, 1980-2006Schnabel, Claus / Wagner, Joachim
2006 The Erosion of Union Membership in Germany: Determinants, Densities, DecompositionsFitzenberger, Bernd / Kohn, Karsten / Wang, Qingwei
2008 Union decline in BritainBlanchflower, David G. / Bryson, Alex

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