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DateTitle Authors
2013 Job Satisfaction and Self-Selection into the Public or Private Sector: Evidence from a Natural ExperimentDanzer, Natalia
2011 Paths to higher office: Evidence from the Swedish civil serviceBrösamle, Klaus J. / Nordström Skans, Oskar
2009 Public sector employees: risk averse and altruistic?Buurman, Margaretha / Dur, Robert / van den Bossche, Seth
2009 Causes and consequences of a father's child leave: evidence from a reform of leave schemesSkyt Nielsen, Helena
2009 Do better paid politicians perform better? Disentangling incentives from selectionGagliarducci, Stefano / Nannicini, Tommaso
2009 Pay for politicians and candidate selection: an empirical analysisKotakorpi, Kaisa Ilona / Poutvaara, Panu
2011 Assistant and auxiliary nurses in crisis times: Earnings and employment following public sector job loss in the 1990sEliason, Marcus
2009 Competitive careers as a way to mediocracyKräkel, Matthias
2010 Managerial talent, motivation, and self-selection into public managementDelfgaauw, Josse / Dur, Robert
2010 Stimulating local public employment: Do general grants work?Lundqvist, Heléne / Dahlberg, Matz / Mörk, Eva

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