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2013 The impact of military work experience on later hiring chances in the civilian labour market: Evidence from a field experimentBaert, Stijn / Balcaen, Pieter
2011 Paths to higher office: Evidence from the Swedish civil serviceBrösamle, Klaus J. / Nordström Skans, Oskar
2011 Assistant and auxiliary nurses in crisis times: Earnings and employment following public sector job loss in the 1990sEliason, Marcus
2009 Competitive careers as a way to mediocracyKräkel, Matthias
2010 The right look: Conservative politicians look better than their voters reward itBerggren, Niclas / Jordahl, Henrik / Poutvaara, Panu
1998 Municipal Labour Demand - Sweden 1988 - 1995Bergström, Pål / Dahlberg, Matz / Johansson, Eva
2002 Performance management by culture in the NLRB's division of judges and the German labor courts of AppealSchneider, Martin
2015 Are Public Sector Workers Different? Cross-European Evidence from Elderly Workers and RetireesTonin, Mirco / Vlassopoulos, Michael
2014 Optimal Taxation under Regional InequalityKessing, Sebastian / Lipatov, Vilen / Zoubek, Jens Malte
2011 Fiscal policy: Why aggregate demand management fails and what to do about itTcherneva, Pavlina R.

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