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2010 Do more effective teachers earn more outside of the classroom?Chingos, Matthew M. / West, Martin R.
2009 Competitive Careers as a Way to MediocracyKräkel, Matthias
2010 Firm ownership and rent sharingMonteiro, Natália Pimenta / Portela, Miguel / Straume, Odd Rune
2010 The Right Look: Conservative Politicians Look Better and Voters Reward ItBerggren, Niclas / Jordahl, Henrik / Poutvaara, Panu
2003 Investigating the Quitting Decision of Nurses: Panel Data Evidence from the British National Health ServiceFrijters, Paul / Shields, Michael A. / Price, Stephen Wheatley
2004 Why Is the Public Sector More Labor-Intensive? : A Distortionary Tax ArgumentPoutvaara, Panu / Wagener, Andreas
2005 Does Teacher Testing Raise Teacher Quality? : Evidence from State Certification RequirementsAngrist, Joshua D. / Guryan, Jonathan
2000 Improving Nurse Retention in the British National Health Service: The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Intentions to QuitShields, Michael A. / Ward, Melanie E.
2005 Returns to Skills and Personnel Management: U.S. DoD Scientists and EngineersGibbs, Michael
2009 Faces of Politicians: Babyfacedness Predicts Inferred Competence but Not Electoral SuccessPoutvaara, Panu / Jordahl, Henrik / Berggren, Niclas

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