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2011 Underreporting of earnings and the minimum wage spikeTonin, Mirco
2012 The employment effect of industry-specific, collectively-bargained minimum wagesFrings, Hanna
2013 Revisiting the minimum wage-employment debate: Throwing out the baby with the bathwater?Neumark, David / Salas, J. M. Ian / Wascher, William
2013 High-impact minimum wages and heterogeneous regionsVom Berge, Philipp / Frings, Hanna / Paloyo, Alfredo R.
2012 The effects of living wage laws on low-wage workers and low-income families: What do we know now?Neumark, David / Thompson, Matthew / Koyle, Leslie
2004 Prison-based education and re-entry into the mainstream labor marketTyler, John H. / Kling, Jeffrey R.
2012 Turning the switch: An evaluation of the minimum wage in the German electrical trade using repeated natural experimentsBoockmann, Bernhard / Krumm, Raimund / Neumann, Michael / Rattenhuber, Pia
2012 Mindestlohnregelungen im Maler- und Lackiererhandwerk: Eine WirkungsanalyseBoockmann, Bernhard / Neumann, Michael / Rattenhuber, Pia
2011 Arm trotz Arbeit? Zum Für und Wider von MindestlöhnenReeb, Barbara / Krome, Malte
2004 Legal Minimum Wages and the Wages of Formal and Informal Sector Workers in Costa RicaGindling, T. H. / Terrell, Katherine

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