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DateTitle Authors
2013 Dealing with randomisation bias in a social experiment exploiting the randomisation itself: The case of ERASianesi, Barbara
2001 Evaluating the employment impact of a mandatory job search assistance programBlundell, Richard / Costa Dias, Monica / Meghir, Costas / Van Reenen, John
2010 The combined employment effects of minimum wages and labor market regulation: A meta-analysisBoockmann, Bernhard
2009 Reforming German labor market institutions: a dual path to flexibilityEichhorst, Werner / Marx, Paul
2009 Analyzing female labor supply: evidence from a Dutch tax reformBosch, Nicole / van der Klaauw, Bas
2009 Wage returns to university disciplines in Greece: are Greek higher education degrees Trojan horses?Livanos, Ilias / Pouliakas, Konstantinos
2012 Simulating the economic impacts of living wage mandates using new public and administrative data: Evidence for New York CityNeumark, David / Thompson, Matthew / Brindisi, Francesco / Koyle, Leslie / Reck, Clayton
2012 The effect of tip credits on earnings and employment in the US restaurant industryEven, William E. / Macpherson, David A.
2013 Incidence of a "social VAT" reform: A French scenarioRebiere, Therese
2009 Crime and the labour market: evidence from a survey of inmatesEntorf, Horst

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