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DateTitle Authors
2009 On the relevance and composition of gifts within the firm: evidence from field experimentsBellemare, Charles / Shearer, Bruce S.
2011 Paid to perform? Compensation profiles under pure wage and performance related pay arrangementsSessions, John G. / Skåtun, John D.
2011 The role of profit sharing in dual labour markets with flexible outsourcingKoskela, Erkki / König, Jan
2010 Wages or fringes? Some evidence on trade-offs and sortingEriksson, Tor / Kristensen, Nicolai
2011 Severance pay mandates: Firing costs, hiring costs, and firm avoidance behaviorsParsons, Donald O.
2010 The firing cost implications of alternative severance pay designsParsons, Donald O.
2010 The gender pay gap in top corporate jobs in Denmark: Glass ceilings, sticky floors or both?Smith, Nina / Smith, Valdemar / Verner, Mette
2010 Real wages, working time, and the great depression: What does micro evidence tell us?Hart, Robert A. / Roberts, J. Elizabeth
2010 Performance appraisals and the impact of forced distribution: An experimental investigationBerger, Johannes / Harbring, Christine / Sliwka, Dirk
2011 Mandated severance pay and firing cost distortions: A critical review of the evidenceParsons, Donald O.

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