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2002 Works Councils and Environmental Investment: Theory and Evidence from German Panel DataAskildsen, Jan Erik / Jirjahn, Uwe / Smith, Stephan C.
2013 Replacing Churches and Mason Lodges? Tax Exemptions and Rural DevelopmentBehaghel, Luc / Lorenceau, Adrien / Quantin, Simon
2013 Job Satisfaction and Self-Selection into the Public or Private Sector: Evidence from a Natural ExperimentDanzer, Natalia
2009 The effect of an employer health insurance mandate on health insurance coverage and the demand for labor: evidence from HawaiiBuchmueller, Thomas C. / DiNardo, John / Valletta, Robert G.
2009 Is bigger still better? The decline of the wage premium at large firmsEven, William E. / Macpherson, David A.
2009 Racial differences in fringe benefits and compensationMok, Wallace / Siddique, Zahra
2009 Self-employment and the role of health insuranceGumus, Gulcin / Regan, Tracy L.
2013 Maintaining one's living standard at old age: What does that mean? Evidence using panel data from GermanyDudel, Christian / Ott, Notburga / Werding, Martin
2013 Fiscal policies and credit regimes: A TVAR approachFerraresi, Tommaso / Roventini, Andrea / Fagiolo, Giorgio
2009 Understanding the labour market for older workers: a surveyHeywood, John S. / Siebert, William Stanley

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