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2013 Job Satisfaction and Self-Selection into the Public or Private Sector: Evidence from a Natural ExperimentDanzer, Natalia
2012 One way the demand for labor may adapt to the availability of laborDuleep, Harriet Orcutt
2012 Recent longitudinal evidence of size and union threat effects across gendersWunnava, Phanindra V.
2010 Respect as an incentiveEriksson, Tor / Villeval, Marie-Claire
2001 Sharing ownership via employee stock ownershipSesil, James C. / Kruse, Douglas L. / Blasi, Joseph R.
2013 Maintaining one's living standard at old age: What does that mean? Evidence using panel data from GermanyDudel, Christian / Ott, Notburga / Werding, Martin
2002 Wage determination and the sources of bargaining powerManzini, Paola / Snower, Dennis J.
2002 Can insider power affect employment?Díaz-Vázquez, Pilar / Snower, Dennis J.
2004 Macroeconomic effects of social security privatization in a small unionized economyAdam, Antonis
2004 Separate and Unequal: The Effect of Unequal Access to Employment-Based Health Insurance on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual PeopleAsh, Michael A. / Badgett, M.V. Lee

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