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DateTitle Authors
2007 Excess use of temporary parental benefitEngström, Per / Hesselius, Patrik / Persson, Malin
2009 The growth of participant direction in defined contribution plansEven, William E. / Macpherson, David A.
2011 The effects of social security taxes and minimum wages on employment: Evidence from TurkeyPapps, Kerry L.
2007 Bend it like Beckham: Hours and wages across forty-eight countries in 1900Huberman, Michael / Lewis, Frank D.
2003 Technology, entrepreneurship, and inequalityGambardella, Alfonso / Ulph, David
2010 Stability versus flexibility: The role of temporary employment in labour adjustmentCao, Shutao / Leung, Danny
2012 The impact of changes in second pension pillars on public finances in central and Eastern EuropeEgert, Balazs
2005 Produktivitätseffekte betrieblicher ZusatzleistungenLutz, Roman
2005 Determinanten betrieblicher ZusatzleistungenLutz, Roman
2010 Occupational pension value in the public and private sectorsCrawford, Rowena / Emmerson, Carl / Tetlow, Gemma

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